4th-8th Grade Student Instrument Loan Agreement Form

4th-8th Grade Student Instrument Loan Agreement Form

Student Information

Parent or Guardian Information

Authorization Information

Terms & Conditions

This school year our students have the opportunity to take home school string or wind instruments to practice what we have been learning in class. Practicing at home is crucial to learning an instrument and RHLS is excited to have the inventory for this opportunity. These instruments will go home at no cost to the parents. The only potential of paying anything would be for repairs if the instrument is mishandled. (See below.)

If you would like to borrow a school instrument then please sign below. Upon receipt of this signed contract, Mr. Hunter will provide you with assigned instrument for your student.

Students interested in borrowing a school instrument for the year or summer must agree to the following loan terms:

1) The student and parent/guardian agree to pay for any damage due to neglect or improper use of the instrument.
2) Students must keep the instrument in good playing condition.
3) Students must return the instrument to Mr. Hunter by JUNE 1, 2018 to have the instrument serviced by Bertrand’s Horn Improvement. They will look over the instrument and decide if repair is needed. If it is apparent that the damage is due to neglect or improper use of instrument the student and parents/guardians will be responsible to pay for the repair. If it is normal “wear & tear” the school will cover the expense.


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