STEAM & Science Equipment Permission Slip Form

STEAM & Science Equipment Permission Slip Form

Teachers: Mrs. Sara Bridgman
Mr. Mark Wakita

Mentioned below (Child/Student) is enrolled at Red Hill Lutheran School (RHLS) and will be participating in STEAM and Science hands-on courses. These courses provide the opportunity to use a variety of chemicals and equipment. The equipment includes hand held power tools, stationary power shop tools, and lasers. Precautions and appropriate instruction in the proper use of these tools and equipment, and in safety guidelines and safe working environments will be given to students by the classroom teachers to prevent accidents and injury. Close supervision of students by the classroom teacher will be practiced at all times.By signing this permission slip you agree to discuss with your child/student that these classes can have hazardous elements inherent to their study and the hands-on opportunities they will encounter are to be completed using the safety instructions and equipment provided to them by their teacher. Student safety and acceptance of training and guidance is of the utmost importance. It is mandatory that all parents and students accept this obligation to obey the SAFETY Rules designed to protect them and others.

You are welcome to visit our STEAM and Science facilities after contacting the teacher. Please check in through the school office.

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Student Information

Example of STEAM and Science course and lab tools used (partial list)

• hot glue guns
• razor blades
• hammers
• screwdrivers
• PVC pipe cutters
• power drill (with instructor supervision)
• power saw (with instructor supervision)
• lasers of varying strengths
• safety goggles
• work gloves

Authorization Information

I give my permission for my child/student to use the tools and equipment necessary and chosen by the course instructors at Red Hill Lutheran School in the STEAM and Science programs. I understand and accept for my child/student the inherent safety risks associated with using STEAM and Science course and lab equipment; and understand that it is my child’s responsibility to abide by all safety rules and guidelines for their own safety and the safety of others in the programs.

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